Risk Analysis Form

Risk Analysis Form

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Process of client risk profiling

Clients are asked following questions and based on their responses, we allot following weight age to risk profiling questions and find out risk appetite of the

Questionnaire for risk profiling of the client

1. What is your age group?

2. What is your Trading Experience?

3.Where you found yourself in knowledge of Financial Markets Like Equity, Commodity, Currency and their Derivatives?

4. What is Your Occupation?

5. How much Percentage of your Monthly income you pay in EMI ?

6. How many family members are dependent on your Income?

7. Yearly Income ?

8. Preferred Investment/Trading patterns ?

9. What is Your Investment Objective ?

10. Presently you are Investing in which Assets ?

11. Size of your Emergency fund ?

12. What is the first thought to Crossyour mind, when you invest your money ?

13. What do you normally associate with the word risk ?

14. To what extent would you expose your investments to risk, to earn higher returns ?

15. How would you feel if the performances of your recent investments are below expectations ?

16. Would you invest in a company that underperformed in the past and caused you losses?


I hereby declare that the details furnished above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and I undertake to inform you of any changes therein, immediately. In case any of the above information is found to be false or untrue or misleading or misrepresenting, I am aware that I will be held liable for it. I have read all the terms and conditions and risk discloser of Arrive Investment Advisor and I agree to take the service .



Investments in Securities and commodities are subject to market and other risks and there is no assurance or guarantee that the objectives of any Services will be achieved. Traders/Investors in the services are not being offered any guaranteed/assured returns. Past performance[s] of these types of investments does not guarantee any future results. We do not have any refund & cancellation policy. All sales are final. Before subscriptions ensure that our products and services will meet your needs without the need to purchase, there will be absolutely no refund & cancellations. We do not offer refunds on subscriptions that have already been taken. By registering for service on website you have accepted all the terms and conditions. Prior to trading securities and commodities you must be aware of the risks involved. The high degree of leverage associated with these types of investments means that the degree of risk compared to other financial products is higher. Leverage (or margin trading) may work against you resulting in substantial loss. Arrive Investment Advisor accepts no liability for any loss, tax, commission, brokerage you may be required to pay on any profits/loss made during the service tenure with us. Trading on Margin involves a high level of risk and is not suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you and the speeds which profits and losses can occur, means that clients should monitor positions closely – it is the clients’ sole responsibility to monitor open trades. Before trading, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of financial experience, risk appetite and suitability of service offered by Arrive Investment Advisor. If you are at all unsure as to the suitability of the products offered by Arrive Investment Advisor. Please seek other/independent financial adviser. Only surplus funds should be placed at risk and anyone who does not have such funds should not participate in trading securities and commodities.

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Note : Clients with Long term Investment goal as investment objectives are not accepted at Arrive Investment Advisor.

"We do not provide Service in "BSE Segments" . We provide service only "NSE" Segment".